8 Reason To Re-register as a Referee for 2024/2025
8 Reason To Re-register as a Referee for 2024/2025

As the 2023/2024 Season draws to a close it’s time to start thinking about renewing your Referee registration on COMET. Referee registrations for this season end on the 31st of May 2024. Here’s 8 top reasons to get registered on the 1st of June and ready to go for 2024/2025.

Referee Affiliated Football

Only registered match officials can referee Area Association and FAW matches, meaning you need to be registered to make sure you can continue to enjoy refereeing football, keeping fit and earning match fees in the new season.

Referees’ Feedback Driving Change

The FAW has surveyed referees annually since 2022 and produced full reports of the results which have been shared with match officials to build trust though transparency. The results of the two survey reports so far have driven impactful changes for the good of match officials in Wales.

Tackling Referee Abuse

Following powerful feedback from match officials in the 2022 and 2023 annual surveys, the FAW launched its PAWB Values Campaign. Based on the FAW core values of Respect, Excellence and Family this initiative combines an engaging media presence with strong policies for improving behaviour towards referees. The introduction of yellow arm bands for junior referees, tougher disciplinary sanctions for abuse towards referees, and a highly successful Temporary Dismissals trial have been significant steps forward. The Temporary Dismissals trial in particular saw dissent and abuse reduced by more than 30% across the trial leagues, meaning Temporary Dismissals will now be extended to all grassroots senior and youth football.

FAW Badge for All Referees

Another key piece of feedback from grassroots match officials was that despite being qualified by the Association they were not able to wear the FAW Referee Badge. In order to live up to the FAW’s Family Value, the right to wear the FAW Badge has now been extended to all match officials within our football family. Grassroots officials will continue to be able to proudly wear their Area Association badge alongside the FAW crest, while elite officials will also wear a JD Cymru Leagues sleeve patch to identify their attainment.

Referee Kit Colours

Similarly, referees operating outside the JD Cymru Premier had identified that kit clashes between the black kit of the Referee and teams wearing dark colours were becoming a real problem. To address this situation, match officials at all levels will now be allowed to wear an alternative coloured shirt and/or socks if they deem it appropriate to avoid a kit clash. All members of the officiating team must wear matching colours. Meanwhile, teams outside the JD Cymru Premier will not be allowed to wear black kit.

Free Referee Re-Registration Gift Pack

Each Referee who registers for the 2024/2025 Season will receive a free Registration Gift Pack in the post. The pack includes pictures from throughout the season, a brand new FAW coin, and lots of useful information to help you prepare for the new Season including crucial guidance on Temporary Dismissals. To receive your pack, make sure your home address is correct on COMET when you register.

COMET Insurance

Your Referee Registration on COMET includes insurance to help protect you while you officiate.

Discounted Re-Registration Fee if you Register by the 30th June

Re-register by the 30th June 2024 and get £10 off your fee, enabling you to register for just £20.

How To Re-Register as a Referee

Referee re-registrations open on the 1st of June 2024. You can see how to register here: https://cometsupport.faw.cymru/referees/registration/referee-registration/

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