FAW National Talent & Mentors ISTE Day
FAW National Talent & Mentors ISTE Day

On Sunday 12th September, the FAW held its annual National Talent & Mentors ISTE Day in Newtown.

The day started with the talents participating in a practical session on the 3G pitch which consisted of making refereeing decisions at the end of a running circuit put together by the National Fitness Coach Ben Sutcliffe.

After lunch, Kevin Parry (FAW's Referee Committee Member for Talent + Mentors) introduced Jason Webber (FAW's Equality and Integrity Manager) who took the participants through a presentation on the FAW's policies and procedures for both Equality and Integrity. He also highlighted the important role the referees' hold in the reporting of such incidents.

Following Jason's talk, the group were tested on their laws of the game knowledge with a 20 question quiz which sparked some competitiveness amongst each other.

Cymru Premier League Referee and current core participant John Jones then delivered a presentation on Goal Setting focusing on what the students should do in order to achieve their aims, objectives and dreams!

National Assistant Referees' Coach, Eddie King brought great discussion during his presentation which brought into focus the importance of team work and communication through some clips from the domestic game.

Ray Ellingham, Elite Referees' coach, concluded with clips from the CPL and World Cup Qualifiers in which the tables each had a certain clip to dissect and feedback their findings to the room, before an open discussion was held to draw on a final decision and correct process.

The meeting was officially closed by FAW Referees' Committee member David Griffiths who supported the event throughout the days proceedings following Kevin Parry's closing words.

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