Referee COMET Registrations Open
Referee COMET Registrations Open

Referees can now register on COMET for the 2022/2023 season.

It has been a while since any referee had to go through this process so we could all be forgiven for not remembering how to do it.

The FAW have produced a guide on how to re-register as a referee which can be found here.

Make sure to click on the link to re-register.

FAW (category 2 and above) -







Category 2 and above referees will need to purchase registration to the FAW.

Category 3 and below referees will need to purchase registration to their local Area Association.

If you are a category 3 referee or lower and you officiate for more than one Area Association, please select the Association that you officiate for the most.

If you encounter any problems when purchasing your membership, log a help ticket on COMET. How-to log a ticket.

The FAW also produced a number of webinars which provide further help on using COMET. Watch them here.


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